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Drone Racing

  • Drone parts:
    • Use the 250 point frame, not the QR one.
    • The QR Code reward engine.
    • Not the QR code propeller but the one with the highest speed.
    • Use the lowest rank boost.
    • Use the QR Code ESC unit.
  • The Boost Start ability really helps. To trigger it hold down accelerate just before the 1 in the countdown appears. Not sure if the wind one has any effect in races. I had it maxed before I started seriously trying.
  • Also there is a shortcut in one of the tracks. Whatever the 5th one in the Single Race listing is. After you come out of Millenium Tower you can hang a right through Little Asia. This is required for the Time Trial. This shortcut is not open on the reverse course.
  • I'm not sure this does anything, but for me I found using the boost AFTER going through a ring was more effective. You have a few seconds while you are still sped up to hit the boost and get the barrel roll, effectively giving you an additional amount of time at top speed.
  • Using the listed parts should put you at 250 points exactly. With this I was able to clear every Time Trial with a bunch of extra time. I was also able to finish the final GP in first reliably except for the final track, which has no boost rings. You can take a few hits, but still have to be careful in tight areas.
  • Obviously you still have to have at least a little skill. Memorizing the courses and doing the Time Trials first is advised.
  • You can exit and save between races.