Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation

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  • Cover is a thing in combat, but it is poorly implemented due to how the movement system works. Make sure that you are really hugging the cover to make sure it engages. It won't be that big of a deal at the start but it mid game it becomes a problem.
  • For base defense don't bother putting a ring around your whole base. Find a spot that will be fairly easy for your people to get to and build a square of spikes with a single opening. I usually like to put a couple more spike walls down to make a corridor. It gives great cover bonuses to the people inside while funneling all the melee enemies. Just leave room to expand as your number grow.
  • It's easy to run out of trees near your base without realizing it and wood is used in damn near everything. I've found planting 3 small forests around my base and rotating through them as needed will ensure you never run out.
  • Getting down the research trees is very important. At any given moment someone or someones needs to be researching.
  • Auto-Resolve is your friend when you're geared.