Killzone 2

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  • On the final stage once you get to the second floor run to the left hand side at the top of the stairs. there is cover and you can get most of the people on the ground from there safely. Once the rocket guys show up let the missles hit then come from cover and kill them. Once radic shows up always run backwards and turn as he will be behind you 90% of the time.
  • Rarely if ever use the iron sights/aim. You will be much better if you just learn to burst fire when your cross hairs are red; furthermore, try to make your aimer about head height the just strafe back and forth to kill. Trying to aim will anger you.
  • Unlock the magnum ASAP. it is the most useful gun. 2 shot kills, accurate at long range and unlimited ammo.
  • Melee is your friend. If you shoot the person and run out of ammo your better running up and meleeing then trying to reload and killing them. Most of the time. Also in close quarters melee alot. Most people cant aim in close.
  • Set up turrets in corridors. That way they wont move around like ray charles blindly shooting at everything. Also putting one on either side of doors is good policy. most of the time people will die trying to take out one from the other one.
  • When you throw a grenade try to hold onto it for a couple a beeps so when it lands it blows up right away. If you insta throw them most people have time to run away from them before they blow up.