King's Field IV: The Ancient City

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  • As with most King's Field games, it's hardest at the beginning. Take it slow and scrounge for earth herbs until you have unlocked healing water, which will be a few levels in. A trickle of water in the first real cave area functions as a limited healing fountain you can use until then.
  • You won't use the blue water for very long. Once you get the red water, keep all your vials filled with that until MUCH later in the game and use Earth Heal to heal. Also keep a guidestone at the red water fountain at all tmes.
  • Your gear detiorates with use. Durability represents percentage of maximum damage or protection. Swap gear out regularly as it gets damaged. Eventually you'll be able to repair your stuff but that ability is many hours away. Once you can repair gear, keep a guidestone nearby for the remainder of the game.
  • When you get the clarity bracelet towards the beginning of the game, put it on and never take it off. You can barely use magic otherwise.
  • Don't go into the Passage of Light until you absolutely have to, very late in the game. You'll be ready once you have opened all four chests by the red water fountain.
  • In the first cave, your goal is to find an egg to trade for a fire magic crystal. Find a second egg and trade the second one to the guy on the second floor of the small temple for a crystal vial.
  • Unlock the blue healing water as soon as possible. Don't do serious exploring until you have it. You'll need to kill a spider boss and clear a room with dozens of rapidly respawning skeletons.
  • Magic crystals give you 50mp when used so you can store them and use them to power Earth Heal. This trick becomes less useful once you have red water.
  • You may want to grind Earth Heal levels because it slows enemies at level 3, but that will take many, many casts and you need to be at less than max hp or a cast won't count.
  • Until you unlock repairs you'll need to swap weapons frequently as they degrade. Sturdier weapons last longer. The elemental knives are strong early on but degrade quickly.
  • You stun enemies when you hit them for at least 1/3 of their health. Be careful if you're fighting an enemy you're not stunning. You won't interrupt its attacks when you hit it so you will leave yourself exposed.