Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

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  • Second Chance, Once More, and Leaf Bracer will, as you probably understand, make things MUCH easier.
  • Dodging gives you mad invincibility frames, especially as Ven and Aqua. Blocking is incredibly responsive as well and Aqua's block protects her around all sides. Use dodges and block liberally.
  • Shotlocks (hold R1) are amazing and a great way to get free, safe damage.
  • If your normal finisher comes up after Land of Departure, you're not using your commands enough.
  • D-Links are great fun to level up and blast through trash enemies with, but they aren't that great against bosses.
  • ...Except early game as Terra or Ven, who can both D-Link Aqua for easy access to early Cure magic.
  • When you beat the game with a character, keep their save file. If you lose their file you lose the credit for completing their story and you can't unlock the Final Episode.