Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders

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  • The Big Three: You as Infantry, Archers, Cavalry. You will practically always have these. And given you only get 4 main unit slots and 2 support slots maximum, that doesn't allow much variety. Focus on a few generals rather than many.
  • The Paladin ability Holy Explosion is VERY powerful:it increases the defense of Paladins to absurd levels, as well as a little regeneration. They suck without it, so always have it up when possible.
  • In Lucretia's Campaign, buy and train up a second archer unit and lightning magician. Better yet, use the new archer instead of the one you're given. Plot will take the ones you're given at the WORST possible time.
  • Also in Lucretia's Campaign, make sure Morene's Curse skill is higher than Cirith's Lightning skill. Elemental Boost takes the highest magic skill for the boost, and Curse is a massively powerful debuff as a Boost.
  • Giving a character magic will add that element, and it's side effects(Poison, Freeze, Burn, etc) to their attacks and specials, with it's strength increasing with magic skill level. This means little to field units(Save with Dark Elves and Elemental Boost), but with those units attached to your commander, it can add a significant chunk of damage to their assists and hurt the enemy in other ways besides.
  • The basic campaigns will teach you a lot, and you'll need to go through them to unlock the last two, so go through.
  • BE VERY CAREFUL WITH EXP-You can't get back what you've spent, even if you delete the skill. You can end up in an unwinnable/extremely difficult situation if you're not careful.
  • EXP comes from kills, of course. Gold is earned by using SP. So don't let SP sit around unless it's important.
  • Take note of elemental weaknesses, and set up skills accordingly-your enemies can't equip for resistance like you can. Example, most human units have a weakness to Lightning and Earth magic, Ghouls hate Fire and Ice as well as Holy, etc. You can check resistances in the status/equip screens. A bit meta-gamey, but the damage increase from doing it can seriously help.
  • On the subject of elemental attacks, if your teammates in your main unit have magic skill, that magic's element will be added to their attacks and specials. This can increase damage drastically.
  • Elemental Boost uses the highest magic skill level in the group. This is of importance to Lucretia, who has a Curse magic user in her group. Thus. keep Morene's Curse higher than Cirith/Magi's magic skill, as the Curse effect is powerful(and usually can't be gotten on a unit).
  • Paladin Holy Explosion is more effective than you'd think. It's more than a regen boost-it also makes the unit dramatically tougher. Things that would cause heavy damage and kills get shrugged off. Keep it up whenever possible. They're my usual fourth unit.