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  • Pump up Edward's physical stats, Koudelka's magical stats (but also occasionally vitality and agility) and lean more towards magic with James as well. Use James as your buff bot, have Koudelka slinging spells, and Ed up front tanking hits and smacking things.
  • Speaking of buffs the buff spells debuff when cast on enemies.
  • If a character is ko'd then moved past they cannot be revived. Be careful.
  • Weapons can break so keep spares around.
  • Everything levels up with use on a per-character basis. More weapon levels give you the chance to hit twice or even three times in the same attack. More magic levels give you more damage and the ability to hit adjacent enemies for more MP.
  • There will be a point where you are alone as Koudelka later on in the game. After solving a puzzle to drain water, make sure you've found her pendant before continuing.