Legend of Grimrock II

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  • Do not face-tank when fighting, you want to be side-stepping and moving.
  • When you cast spells, you trace them out. As you're playing, you'll come across scrolls that have the combination you need in order to cast. First level spells are simply just 1 rune combinations.
  • Many spells require you to have more than one school to cast.
  • Use a healing potion when you're injured ("red border" status).
  • It's okay to fall down trap doors. Many places have items for you when you fall through.
  • Guns are subpar.
  • Many pressure plates will remain depressed after placing an item on it. Any item will do.
  • Food is easy to come by this time around. Make sure you keep your guys fed.
  • Secret rooms are typically hidden by either a puzzle or a switch. Switches will look like tiny buttons, these are just about always at eye level.
  • Aim to have at least one of your party members with the Armor Skill. This will help with all the gear you find and cannot equip (without penalties).
  • You can throw items and drop them. Dragging an item and releasing it to either the upper part of the screen (you will throw it) or the lower part of the screen (you will drop it).
  • Always carry a torch around with you. There are spells and items later in the game that will produce light. Once a torch is almost used up, replace it with another torch from a wall - torches on walls always produce light, regardless of their condition.
  • Gold keys are rare. Consider this before using them.
  • You can use portals to murder mobs. Just teleport between locations and you can appear inside of them, instantly killing monsters.
  • You can also jump on monsters and instant kill them. This is especially useful when dealing with amphibious monsters playing in the water.
  • Range combat requires you to have the weapon in one hand, and the ammo in the other.
  • Spoil the game's spell list for yourself. Otherwise it will be a very long time until you figure out things such as the fact that putting skill points in water magic won't allow you to cast water spells. Other skills are required in addition. See: http://legendofgrimrock.com/index.php?id=93&site=2