Lethal Company

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  • A good starting purchase is two walkie-talkies and two flashlights. If you have three or a full squad of four, keeping someone on the ship with a walkie-talkie watching the monitors can be a literal lifesaver.
  • You can order multiples of an item at the store. Just type what you want, followed by the quantity (eg; "walkie-talkie 4")
  • Sounds attract company. So does your voice.
  • Eclipse means it's nighttime for the whole mission and all the fun extra friends that involves
  • Lightning is attracted to metal.
  • Right-click to scan. It'll highlight items in front of you. If you have several items, it'll accumulate their value which is great when you're checking your haul aboard ship to see if you're making quota. You can, and should, also scan creatures to learn about them. And if you see "New Creature Entry" pop up, be very worried because someone else just met a new friend.
  • Don't sell everything, keep some loot back for your next quota.
  • The game only cares about the profit made, not spent. You can make quota and then spend it immediately while at the company planet.
  • If you desperately need an audio distraction and have a little money, the store's jingle is very loud...
  • The Teleporter is worth the cost, if only just to be able to recover corpses instantly and avoid the penalty for abandoning them.