Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

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  • The EP ability "Chronostasis" is by far the more useful of the lot. Keeping it going can seriously extend the time you have to run around and do sidequests.
  • The easiest way to refill EP is to fight a single big thing (like a Behemoth, once you can take them on), or fighting in the Chaos-fog. A single big thing can give 4EP, wheras normal mobs usually give a fraction of an EP. Chaos fog doubles that.
  • Practice blocking. It's a good idea to always have a block skill on all your outfits, until your options expand a bit (that is, you find/buy better outfits).
  • Your best source of powering up early is to find a better outfits. Always check vendors. Later synthesizing your abilities starts paying off, but not for the first few days.
  • The main quests will easily give you a full extra day each, so if you are running short on time, don't be afraid to skip a few sidequests to complete one of them. The extra time you gain should be enough to catch up the next day.
  • The game is pretty much designed to be played through on Easy the first time, and using Normal and Hard as the "New Game+" option.
  • Pay attention to ambient dialogue. It usually includes hints about side quests that may only appear at certain times.
  • If you get a Game Over by running out of days, you still unlock the option to start a New Game+, retaining most of your things (except quest progress and key items.). If you do manage to defeat the final boss though, you also unlock the ability to play on Hard.