Lollipop Chainsaw

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  • The game starts out pretty difficult, since you don't have any combos. Once you purchase a few, things get a whole lot easier
  • Related to the above, don't worry about beating scores or whatever until you've purchased a bunch of stuff. When you start getting sparkle hunting just by using normal combo attacks, then things get a lot easier to complete
  • If you're going for trophies, use the Nick attacks whenever you are able to work towards the 'kiss Nick 100 times' trophy. I recommend the one where he constantly spits out cash, that'll make powering up a lot easier.
  • Some of the writing in the game, especially the random banter between Juliet and Nick is pretty funny, you should listen to it.
  • Saving students isn't mandatory, but they turn into powerful zombies if you don't, so you might want to take them out
  • Ranking mode is a pain in the ass, since there are no checkpoints, and the insant-kill areas in various levels give no fucks about you.
  • Use lollipops whenever. You can't save up a whole lot, and you'll get a ton (especially if you use the Nick roulette attack I mentioned above).