Lone Survivor

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  • While you can, theoretically, get through the whole game without killing a single enemy, trying to do so on your first playthrough will drive you mad. Don't waste ammo, but if you need to kill something, go ahead.
  • If you don't know what to do next, try listening to the radio.
  • The can opener is in 205. The door to the room overlaps the door out, so it's easy to miss, and about half of the 'good' food in the game is useless without it. You can't get it until you have the handgun or flares, though.
  • If You idles for a moment, his idle animation may give you a hint about if you should sleep or eat. The messages about needing to eat or sleep ping your mental health very slightly, but it adds up.
  • Watch the secondary options on your items, especially food. The only red herring is milk, which can't be combined with anything, despite having the option. Some items are a part of multiple recipes.
  • The bottles are more useful than the milk that comes in them.
  • If You's mental health is low, you'll miss out on several optional, but very useful items.
  • You can get an infinite amount of rotten meat from the fridge in your room (206), though You can only carry 6 at a time. It's a crucial part of bypassing most enemies without killing them, so be sure to stock back up every time you go out.
  • The blue pills damage mental health. This doesn't just apply to You.
  • Make sure you save before you call the elevator down to the basement.
  • If you find a mirror, you should probably use it.
  • Which ending you get is mostly decided by your mental health.