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  • Play with some buddies, you lose out on a lot if you play it solo.
  • Don't try to use electricity magic when you're wet. Put yourself out with a self-cast (middle click) fire first. The opposite applies, as well, but generally speaking, being wet is much more dangerous than being on fire.
  • Self-casting shield gives you a barrier that prevents all magic (friendly and otherwise) from getting in. Use it wisely.
  • Beams (Arcane) are amazing. Just don't cross the streams (unless you're being very careful to all use the same elements, in which case, cross away.)
  • Elements combine in interesting ways. Try things out.
  • A combination that's worthless when cast one way can become absolutely gamebreaking when cast another.
  • Earth (x3) + Cold + Shield can buy you some time to think.
  • When you're low on health, spam Earth + Life and middle click.
  • You will meet a large, fast enemy type late game who will chase you down and insta-kill you. Use water, then cold to freeze them solid, then use Speed and run like hell.