Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

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  • There are 2 disks you can miss and then not be able to get back to: Deadpools in Asgard and Mysterios in Murderworld.
  • For anyone wanting to break the game in half, use Mr. Fantastic. Max his Fantastic Fist and Rubberband Recoil skills. There are many ways to abuse the skills in this game, but nothing that comes close to the sheer, unbridled wrath of Mr. Fantastic. You can defeat bosses in one or two hits.
  • There are no bad characters. If anyone tells you different, they are a liar. Every character has a go to power that can wipe the floor with anything. Here are some good combos if you are playing with friends:
  • Deadpools Battle Cry + Iron Man's Nano Assault. Deadpools team buff adds a flat boost to damage (up to something like +30 or something like per hit) and Iron Man's Nano Assault does a lot of attacks for a small amount of damage. Now, instead of 7 damage 14 times, its 37 damage 14 teams.
  • Storms Whirlwind + Thors Northern Winds. Fighting lots of trash? This is like having an Xtreme attack go off almost all the time.
  • Mister Fantastics Fantastic Fists + Nothing, its just an awesome buff for himself. At high levels, its lasts a LONG time and does a LOT of damage.
  • You can always go back to any mission if you missed anything. Don't think you have to get everything in the first go round.
  • Use costumes that boost your play style. If are going to play Storm as a caster type (which you should, her strike is horrible), don't use her Astonishing costume. Static Charge goes off when you are hit, which you shouldnt ever be.

Also, always keep Whirlwind up. Always.

  • Make sure you're equipping any gear you've got. You can swap it out and sell it later, but if you're finding it tough, gear will help
  • Try different characters if you're having trouble with a boss.
  • I think the sim levels level with you, so while you'll find it a bit easier when you've got more powers, the reward for getting a silver medal - which isn't too hard - is most useful at early levels (+1 to each stat)
  • Money is only used for buying powers and costume stats. Costume stats are probably the best use of your money.
  • If you're still having trouble with a boss, some of them can be cheesed by using Spiderwoman, flying and spamming charged Venom Blast.
  • Also, if you want to unlock stuff, when you get the first mission of Act 2 (teleports you to Doom's Castle) check it very carefully, there's a couple of sim disks in the first area that you can't go back to if you miss them. You need all the sim disks to unlock all the characters.
  • You'll find power-ups that permanently increase your stats. Either have a favorite team or a favorite character pick them up. Once you pick it up, it's applied. That's the major thing you want to watch out for.
  • Always try to have a character capable of flying on your team. They can reach secrets and items that the others can't reach. Iron Man isn't a bad choice, he has good party buffs and solid attacks.
  • If you're looking to zoom through the game, level up Deadpool and give him increased critical chance. Then have him do his Spinning sword special attack. I'm not sure if you need access to his alternate costume to get access to that increased critical chance.
  • Try to execute the Stun combo as much as you can. Pop-up combos are okay, but the hang time doesn't allow you to quickly do damage to the enemy.
  • Lastly, if you're playing on PC, the character mod here can add in the additional characters from the other consoles. It's pretty easy to install, although you should back your game up first just in case.