Mega Man Legends 2

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  • Start with an S Rank License if you can. Don't bother trying to get an S Rank license in the license trial. Beat the game first or transfer over a completed save file to start a new game with the license. The license makes the game a bit harder but I find it to be balanced by midgame. The license increases how much zenny is dropped and opens up a bonus dungeon that has special parts in it for Megaman.
  • If you played the first one you should have a good idea as to how you want to mold your buster upgrades. Energy effects how many shots can be on the screen, Attack also influences how big your shots are; mix and match depending on the situation or just stick with something you like.
  • Max out your homing missile's energy and you can breeze through most of the game (or just don't max out energy if you find the game too easy already). The moment you unlock it, be sure to rank it up quite a bit as there will be a story boss battle that can be abused with it. Many people have trouble with this fight, too.
  • You will need to backtrack with the drill arm for missing weapon parts and upgrades. You'll notice these walls as you're making your way through a dig - just keep note of where you bumped into them and drill through them. The drill arm is also good for certain enemies. You can get some easy zenny to help with your homing missile upgrades if you head to the first room of the underwater dungeon (this opens about the time you get the homing missiles, which is perfect timing) and just kill/respawn the enemies in that room. The drill is great for this.
  • When you're taking back the fort in the main story line, you can exit and save outside between each sequence. Take advantage of this if you need to.
  • Don't be afraid to use a guide for the quiz minigame. The first three prizes can be given to the girl you find during the fortress sequence (these are fluff). If you complete the final quiz you will receive a weapon part that makes one of the best weapons. Alternatively you can just buy this part for 2mil zenny.