Metal Gear Acid

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  • When building a deck your eventual goal is synergy. You want interchangeable ammo/weapons so that you dont really ever have dead hands. A mildly worse two weapons that work with each other is way better than two non-interchangeable guns.
  • You'll probably need to rework your deck for boss fights, but building a general deck for everything else is very doable, and frankly, certain rare cards can obviate any need to change.
  • You can import 1 card from your collection in MGA 1 to MGA 2, so choose wisely.
  • The Fortune card is completely, 100% broken. It is so astonishingly broken that even if you import it to MGA2 where the card's effect is cut in half, it is still by far the best card in the game. Once you have it you are effectively impossible to ever kill in combat again.