Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

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  • The moves list is under the "Help" option in the pause menu. This includes useful canned combos.
  • VR tutorials are good to do as soon as they become available to learn game mechanics.
  • Parrying is done by pressing x (light attack) and the stick in the direction of the incoming attack, once for each attack. Generally attacks you can parry are preceded by a red flash.
  • Dodge is a purchasable skill called "Defensive Offense". Less essential than parrying, still super useful. X + A (light attack + jump). Has invulnerability animation frames. Try dodging forward through one of the bull metal gear's charges!
  • Lock-on to opponents with the right shoulder button.
  • Inventory is accessed by pressing left and right on the directional pad.
  • Healing items are used by pressing down on the directional pad. If you 'equip' them from the inventory screen, they will be used automatically when your health runs out.
  • Other inventory items are used by the left shoulder button.
  • Augmented reality mode is accessed by pressing up on the d-pad and will reveal chests and enemies.
  • Saving outside of checkpoints can be done by talking to Courtney from the audio codec menu ("Back" button). I'm not sure about the details regarding when and what the game saves, though.
  • You can parry while in the stunned wiggle mode.
  • You can cancel many animations by tapping the blade mode button.
  • You can go into blade mode right after a stealth kill to extract their spine.
  • The PC version must be run at a steady 60FPS. If the game runs any slower the timing on parry moves, quicktime events, and blade mode is a lot tighter, making the game much tougher as a result and making the final blade mode attack against the final boss be literally impossible.
  • When you finish the campaign with Raiden, go back to the menu and start a new game. There are two new short story campaigns where you play as two other characters. Unless you have the console version, in which case these are DLC and not packed in with the base game.