Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

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  • Tag everything. It makes it so much easier to sneak around. You'll be taught how to do this right away.
  • One important thing to know is that different knockout methods have different times. A tranq'd/choked guard will eventually get back up and raise the alert. I believe the length, from longest to shortest, is tranq, choke, melee knockout. To keep someone down for good, get behind them and hold them up by aiming a gun (even a tranq pistol) at them, and using the radio button+right stick to have them get down. If another guard sees them, they'll go check out what the hell he's doing, and get him back up. Use this to get behind THAT guy and create a hilarious chain of holdups. You can walk away from a down guard safely: they'll assume you're still there aiming at them. Guards will also get up on their own if a combat alert starts.
  • The language of "alert" can be confusing. Guards entering alert status don't actually sound an alert, the kind that counts against your score or gets everyone called to your position. They just investigate the area they thought something happened: where they thought they saw a person, where they heard a gunshot, and so on. The alerts that count will be the guard calling "Contact!" and labeled in-game as "entering combat status", or something similar, I know it says combat specifically.
  • The "call them" voice command makes the guard yell for help. Useful to gather a bunch of people to hold up in one area, bad if you're like me and thought it was a "call them and tell them all clear" button
  • Guard AI is better than it was: a guard cut-off mid radio will prompt HQ to send an investigation team. A guard not calling back after reporting something and saying they're going to check it out will prompt the same.
  • Once you know where stuff is, try doing it again out of order, both the main op and side ops. It's fun for finding new routes, challenging yourself, and hearing Kaz ask you what you're doing.