Monster Hunter Tri

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(The tips on the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate page might also come in handy)

  • Collect everything you can, and keep it in storage in your house. Almost everything can be used to make something. Early on, the most critical things are Honey, Herbs and Blue Mushrooms, since they can be used to make healing potions.
  • You can learn new recipes through trial and error, in combine mode just choose one item and everything that can't be mixed with it will be greyed out. Once you've mixed 2 things to make something, the recipe will be stored in your journal. Often, the things you make can be combined again to make new things.
  • Different sets of equipment give different bonuses, but the bonuses don't tend to have any effect until you get them to +/-10 (some are 5). So, if a suit of armour gives a -10 fire vulnerability, using a charm/embedded thing to knock it to -9 will negate its effect. Almost every monster type can be turned into a suit of armor and some kind of weapon, assuming you kill enough of them to get all the bits you need.
  • The monsters all have tells which telegraph their attacks, learn them and get used to using the dodge button to get out of the way of them. You may find it useful to go into the options and tell the character to dodge in a direction relative to the camera, rather than the default of relative to the character's facing direction.
  • All the weapon types handle very differently, so it's usually a good idea to find one you like and stick to it for most of the time. The bow gun uses different armor to the melee weapons, so if you want to use it, you're better off not wasting too many materials making melee type armor.
  • You'll usually get more stuff in the long run by capturing a boss rather than killing it.