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  • There are no real penalties for failure so unless you are absolutely dire at the game success is basically inevitable so no need to stress out about balancing the games two modes of play.
  • Jellies and Crystals are crafting items that will drop across all four dungeons. They're used for potions and upgrading items. You almost certainly don't want to sell them - they're not worth much and they're far more useful for crafting than for their monetary value.
  • If you get to the third floor of a dungeon and open up a portal back to the surface, you must use it to go back as your next explore else it'll disappear and you'll have lost your money. In which case just use the merchant pendant as normal rather than paying extra to open the portal.
  • Since you can't access your inventory while enemies are on-screen, you can't access potions in your backpack either. So make sure you've a full stack in the item slot before entering a new room - it's embarrassing to 'run out' of potions when there's plenty in your backpack that you just can't get too...
  • The game gear checks you pretty hard all the way through. If you're finding a level hard, you probably need to upgrade your weapons and armour and then you'll find it much easier.
  • Apart from efficiency, everything cash-wise in the game can be dealt with by just doing another dungeon run (or five). Unless you're speed-running or something, you can't really make mistakes.
  • For that reason, the Hawker and Banker upgrades don't really offer too much. If you've got cash spare, fine. Otherwise don't worry.