Natural Selection 2

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  • Always attack as a team. Once you've played for a while, you'll understand how to play solo. Even then you should attack as a team.
  • Attack the enemy's res points. Even if you have to go alone.
  • Listen to your commander. They see more than you do.
  • Buy a microphone and use it. The bare minimum of communication can mean the difference between winning and losing.


  • Buy a welder. They cost 3 res and are very useful.
  • Don't run backwards. You move at half speed and are very easy to kill.
  • Jump physics don't work like you would think they do. When you jump you keep all of your momentum and can spin in mid-air to shoot things.
  • When someone is building watch their back instead of helping them build.
  • When mines are researched buy at least one set. They will one-shot a skulk without carapace. Lay them around buildings and chokepoints.
  • Only one person needs to stay behind at the start to build. Everyone else should spread out and take as much territory as fast as possible.


  • Run on the walls whenever possible as a Skulk. Get used to jumping off walls and objects for a speed bonus.
  • Mutating Gorge right when the game starts and dropping a tunnel in base and somewhere else is really useful. Be aware marines can use them too.
  • When putting down Clots as a Gorge, try not to completely wall off a doorway. Some of the bigger Aliens will be stuck on the other side if you do. Putting them down on Hydras protects them and the Hydras can shoot over them.
  • Be aggressive. The Marines are much better at defending than you are. If you don't understand why, just wait until what should have been a 15 minute game goes on for 45 minutes instead because of a Marine turtle.