Need For Speed (2015)

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  • For each event you select on the map, there are two options: On the left is mark route, but if you press to the right you'll get the "Teleport" option. This saves having to drive to each event.
  • You can also teleport to these events from inside the garage, which save you needing to leave the garage first. Just bring up the Phone screen first, then select the map, then you can teleport.
  • You need to go back to the garage whenever you want to change your car, but instead of teleporting to the garage map point and then entering the location, you can bring up the phone screen and use the "Go to garage" quick action on the second row. This is faster because it skips some loading screens.
  • You can't skip cutscenes in the introduction section, but once everyone has been introduced and you're freely choosing events on the map, you should be able to skip every cutscene from then on.
  • If an event doesn't say "Win" or "Beat" in the description, you might not have to win it to complete it. This can help with getting past some frustrating events, if you were assuming that you had to beat every one.