Neon Abyss

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  • Feel free to play on Easy or Normal until you get used to the controls. The difficulty affects enemy speed and hp along with how often you get drops.
  • Within a difficulty, you may see pips next to it, these are sub-difficulties. When you win a game, you gain a pip on your next run and lose a pip if you die.
  • The grenade indicator and holding the grenade key only works on Easy or Normal. On Hard you toss a grenade as soon as you press the button.
  • As you unlock items, weapons, rooms and other rules, keep in mind you can turn them off if you really don't like them. However if you turn off too many things you won't be able to gain achievements.
  • Keep track of your keys and grenades as they are limited resources.
  • There are two conducts in the game, Wisdom and Violence. They are indicated by a purple or red bar in the lower right of the screen. Examples of gaining Wisdom is by unlocking crystal doors and chests using crystals, you can gain Violence by shooting those crystal doors and chests and using health to unlock them instead.
  • You can gain Wisdom as well by not getting hit in a battle room, and Violence by getting hit. However, this doesn't take effect until you already have at least one point in Wisdom or Violence.
  • For the most part, it's best to stick to one or the other (Wisdom, Violence) for a run.
  • Once you get an item for the first time, you can test it out in the Lab.
  • Some weapons have passive abilities that are very helpful. If they require crystals to use, you will see dots in the crystal meter equal to the number of crystals needed to use the ability. Some abilities are free to use with a cooldown.