Nobody Saves the World

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  • You cannot max out all the forms until you finish the first three story dungeons (ones that give you gems/the big bad talks to you in). This doesn't mean don't do their quests, but just be aware the game won't give you what you need to improve them until then.
  • Necromancer is by far the best form
  • If you're going to try and maximize leveling, make sure you rank up the skill Bravado (knight class), familiar (magician), buff up (weightlifter), and gallop (horse). Those 4 skills get used the most cross classes for challenges and have high mp costs or are just generally useful skills.
  • Good passives to buff are the zombies health back on hit, health back on crits, and the monks smite
  • The max level is 75 and the game has fairly large bounds for level scaling so don't expect to over level things to make it easier. You literally can't on NG+
  • Nothing is missable, regular treasure chests only ever have food and money inside, dungeon treasure chests only have skill coins on the first time through.