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  • It's best to experiment but be careful, the game is procedural and can be chaotic.
  • Your kick is aimed, so if you aim up you will kick something straight up, or as straight up as the character can muster, which is quite a good deal actually.
  • When you open the inventory the game is not paused, so be careful.
  • When you find a new wand and pick it up for comparison the game IS paused, so make sure to examine it and its spells carefully so you don't murder yourself with it immediately.
  • Wands that seem bad might still be worth it still since you can edit wands's spell load-outs between areas.
  • Enemies killed by environmental causes (like explosive barrels or acid) or by some other indirect method (such as flying physics objects or even certain wand effects) doubles the gold they drop.
  • If you play with keyboard and mouse anything your cursor is over will have a description to the right of your item bar, e.g. ground, water, gunpowder. Doesn't work for enemies though, and doesn't seem to work at all when using controller, you can also mouse over status effects for extra info which you might be able to do with a controller when looking at the inventory screen but I haven't tested it myself.
  • Flasks can be poured, or maybe more accurately sprayed, but they can also be thrown, check your controls to not get these mixed up.
  • Sometimes throwing a flask and bursting it to flood the area with the contents is the way to go depending on the situation.
  • Empty flasks can be refilled, if you aim downwards it helps fill it if you're not already submerged in the liquid.
  • Pressing down lets you eat/drink some things you stand over.
  • If something gives you a damage buff, like x2 damage, this affects the blast radius of your explosion based spells, take that into account when getting to safety.