Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber

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  • Know first off that there is a morality system never mentioned by the game. Choices you make in dialog AND which units capture which bases all affect this.
  • For example if you just play the game like a normal person you'd probably never really notice that one person on your squad might say "liberate a fort" and another might say "conquered" or some other variation of that. Each base has a morale that basically tells you how good/evil it is. If you send in your big stupid evil dude to take it over the posh neighborhood they will all be so shocked they lose their monocles. Same thing applies to sending that goody-goody paladin over to the Mos Eisley Cantina, they won't exactly play nicely.
  • So if you really care about getting one ending over another you are gonna want to have a good spread of units over a good spread of alignments to keep it in track and follow a freaking guide because there is so much that dictates alignment and what actually changes it.
  • Also also your main dude's unit is pretty powerful for the first good while of the game so only use them like you would a Jeigen in a Fire Emblem game if you've ever played one of those.
  • The stuff you pick at the beginning affects what units you get to start with. Might want to check out a guide for that. Not a huge deal though.