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  • Have a very open mind or a mute button whenever you hear extended dialogue sequences.
  • Those QTE paint strokes can be killer since you can't skip the cutscenes preceding them. Practice your strokes, especially those circular motions.
  • It's best to make short strokes to slice things, trying to make long lines won't work and the way the controls are set up it will be difficult. The same is true of the blossom technique (circles) smaller ones are quicker for you to draw and register better in the game.
  • The last tree is on top of his head, you'll know when you get there.
  • If you find yourself having trouble with slashes, release B before you release A.
  • The Wii version does not have the loading screen minigame that the PS2 had.
  • It will be a while before you can spend demon fangs on anything worthwhile, so don't worry too much about floral finishers when they're first introduced. Also, enemies later in the game give you more fangs per finisher.