Onimusha: Warlords

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  • The only things that matter for getting an S rank at the end of the game are the amount of demons you killed, number of souls collected, and time spent. In order, that's at least 600, at least 55k, and 3 hours or less. The only thing you get out of doing so aside from pride is an extra costume for Kaede.
  • There are collectibles called Fluorite and there's 20 in all. There's an item that lets you see them since they're hidden in the various backgrounds, but as long as you occasionally press X on some spots, you should get by until then. They don't count toward the rank, so you're free to mess around and get them for Samanosuke's extra costume at 10 and the Oni Spirits minigame at 20. After that, you can proceed to not give a damn about them ever again.
  • There's a very clear point of no return that will cut off access to some part of the main playing area. There's another one after that which locks you into the final area. For the first one, it's a door and you'll know it when you see it, trust me.
  • Don't blow herbs and medicine unless it's in a boss fight or you're playing as Kaede, and for her just stick to herbs. Sam has the benefit of getting health back from yellow souls. Bosses usually drop enough to top you off. Hell, if you have the souls to spare, upgrade some herbs to medicine because medicine is a full heal in this game.
  • Yeah, enemies do hit that hard. If you're not attacking, you better be blocking.
  • If a hit is sufficiently strong enough when you block it, Sam loses his balance and is open for a follow-up. Those demons that carry axes love to do this, so either dodge or kill them quickly with magic.
  • If you attack just before an enemy hits you, you will murder them in one hit and get a bunch of souls. Don't test it when you're about to die unless you really don't care about game overs.
  • It may not seem like it at first, but you can block arrows, you just have to be facing the shooter since Sam won't automatically correct himself when you block like he would with a melee attack.
  • The thing to get past the doors is leveling the magic orb, not the weapon that comes out of it. Learned that the hard way.