Ori and the Blind Forest

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  • Play the Definitive Edition if you can, rather than the original. It includes fast travel, two new abilities, two new sections of the map which add backstory to a character, and takes away any concerns about missables (one-time areas, points of no return) that the original had.
  • You can use energy to make your own save point pretty much anywhere that isn't a danger-room encounter. A common early mistake is to forget all about the fact that you can do this.
  • Once you get Bash, enemies and projectiles are less "things that you must kill" and more "things that you can use to bounce your way around while they flail adorably off in the background and maybe land on some spikes".
  • If you insist on murderhoboing anyway, spamming Stomp is easy and effective for most circumstances, even with no red skill tree investment.
  • Blue skill tree upgrades are good for general mobility, platforming, survival and sustainability.
  • Purple skill tree upgrades are good for finding hidden shit.
  • Red skill tree upgrades are good for murderhoboing. Less useful in practice than you might think (see above), though an early point or two doesn't hurt.