Ori and the Will of the Wisps

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  • You can warp to any unlocked warp points from anywhere, provided you are standing on solid ground & safe from action. Just open the map and warp from there.
  • You can load an earlier checkpoint save when loading your savegame - useful when you're stuck somewhere, or made a bad purchase.
  • Disable Bounty shard when fighting a boss or doing a Combat Shrine.
  • 2 very helpful buyable skills are Triple Jump & Water Breathing.
  • You can Bash off some enemies & projectiles.
  • You start the game with Wall Jump already unlocked.
  • Some hidden areas are accessed by either breaking a wall, or just walking through them. Both have telltalle signs.
  • You'll unlock Lupo's markings for free through a quest later - no need to pay ~10k.
  • Some chase sequences are very hard to complete using mouse & keyboard - you may need to temporarily change to keyboard only for them: WASD -> arrow keys & Bash = F by default.
  • You can swing the Hammer at the apex of your jumps to get slightly higher than you're supposed to.
  • You can tip over boiling pot using Gust.
  • You can hide behind canvas.