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  • These days you can get Outcast 1.1 or Outcast - Second Contact. Both versions have the exact same gameplay, but Second Contact offers updated graphics and an improved interface. This makes finding NPCs and doing quests less of a hassle.
  • If you're playing Second Contact you should look up the original intro to the game online, because the old animated 3D movie is better than the new 2D art slideshow.
  • In most regions there is a quest chain that ends up with you weakening the guards by stopping the production of one of their resources. The ones that halt food production are especially great, because it will lower their health.
  • Every region will have a "Shamaz" who can fully heal you. You don't have to wait near him until he finishes his animation, as long as he isn't interrupted the heal will go off.
  • After Shamazaar (rice/temple region) it's best to go through the Talanzaar portal that is in the South. This desert city has merchants who sell you weapons and their upgrades. Once you are better equipped you can do quests in any order.
  • The UZA-SH1 (SMG) and LN-DUO 500 (launcher) are the weapons you want first. Upgrades for the HK-P12 (pistol) are also useful.
  • The F-Link items allow you to teleport within regions and are re-usable. Once you select one of them from your inventory you can drop a yellow object from your left hand. Selecting and using the same F-link later will teleport you to that location. You can't teleport from one region to another though.
  • The portal to Sankaar (forest region) is on an island in the North-East of Okasankaar (marsh region). You'll have to eliminate the guards in the East and then you'll see a safe route to swim to the portal.
  • In Motazaar (mining region) there is building near the local Shamaz that features 3 keys. The same building also has a map resting on the Southern wall that is really hard to see, so you'd normally wouldn't pick it up unless you were hugging the wall.
  • There is a side-quest involving the hunters Oru and Kyuran. It involves going back and forth between the two. It becomes impossible to do this side-quest once you give Oru his hunting supplies (which you need to do for the main quest).
  • A fruit merchant in the desert city will ask you to find an artifact outside the city walls. Find it for him and he'll complain that it is dirty. Don’t sell it and he will give you instructions on how to clean it with the help of a big creature. You can alternatively decide to DIY by dropping the artifact on the ground and using your flamethrower.
  • The finale of the game (after finding 4 "Mons") takes away your ammunition and doesn't give much of it back, so don't hoard it for a rainy day.