Outer Wilds

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  • You don't unlock the ability to save the game until about half an hour in. Try not to die in that time!
  • You should do every tutorial in the starting village, it'll save you a lot of frustration down the line.
  • If you're stuck, consider pursuing one of your other leads. Some things are not meant to be solved the first time you see them.
  • It's sometimes possible to reach a hard-to-get area if you're extremely good at piloting the ship/jetpack. However, you never need to do this; there's always an easy way, you just haven't learned about it yet.
  • The computer in the back of your ship has two ways of displaying data: map mode and rumour mode. Make sure to look at rumour mode from time to time, it's really good!
  • You can unlock the convenient ability to skip directly to the end of a loop by talking to the astronaut on Giant's Deep twice on separate loops.
  • On PC, Shadow Quality is a major resource hog compared to the other graphical settings and lowering it is a good place to start if one is having framerate issues.