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  • Upgrade your backpack ASAP.
  • You don’t need a lot of food, but each dish comes with its own set of long-lasting buffs. Basic meat will heal over time, berries will increase your stamina regen, and fish your magic regen. You can figure out the rest once the debt is resolved.
  • Jackals can give you a disease (near permanent damage over time effect. The damage can be offset with a good meal, or cured with time/the correct tea.
  • Resting at home/inn tops off your hunger/thirst meters. Outdoors you’ll need to spend a portion of your time on guard, or set up camp at a safe spot indicated by blue butterflies. Camping for just a couple hours can really help with restoring your max stats.
  • Durability can be restored for no cost except for time while camping.
  • Steal what you want from your hometown, nobody cares and there are several basic weapons to choose from.
  • The tutorial will kill you at the end. You’ve done nothing wrong - camping doesn’t normally murder you instantly.