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  • Dump enough minions into the stat on your armor that gives you at least a small amount of HP regeneration, and keep doing it over time. It'll let the Overlord rush into battle at times as well and you won't have to worry about the consequences since he'll just heal himself. Maxing out the best set of armor in the game (Arcanum wasn't it? I forget) with a high HP regen stat lets you solo the tower's arena pretty much by yourself (which is almost necessary for some enemies like the giant slugs).
  • Put all your blues on a flag near a fight, they'll automatically run out and resurrect any minions who die. Make sure they don't get attacked though, because they die really fast.
  • Prioritize unlocking up all four different types of minions first, it helps cut down on back tracking.
  • If a creature is on fire he can't fight and he'll take more damage, so having a few reds around is always helpful.
  • A green minion who's attached to a creature will do a lot more damage than an attached brown, a green minion who's not attached will do a less damage than a brown who's not attached.
  • The first level minion boost spell is probably the best spell in the game, since you retain total control of your minions like normal.
  • To kill a unicorn: Let it charge you and dodge it. As soon as it's gone past you, send 5 or 10 greens at it and turn on the minion boost spell at the same time. Bye bye pit pony.
  • Don't bother with the Dungeon until you get the third forge in the game. Once you do, build up a set of armor with high defense using a lot of Browns.
  • Also for the Dungeon, use a set of Reds and have them stand back while you take the damage. They will generally avoid damage while you take the blunt of the attacks. Handy as the Red can fling fire at enemies from afar.
  • Another dungeon tip, if you need more henchmen fast, just do the above two suggestion and take on the beetle monsters. There are four in the game, with each being related to a different color henchmen.
  • If you are going for 0% run, don't take the second mistress at Heaven's Peak, kill anything with a green highlight, or do anything you figure is really evil (steal a bag of money over saving elven women from death).
  • The final set of spells you earn in the game are determined by your corruption.
  • I would say to not bother upgrading or forging anything until you get the third forge. Save your lifeforce and gold because you're very powerful with fully upgraded Aracanium equipment. You can solo most of the dungeon at that point.
  • If you want to deck out your minions, the dungeon is a great location until you get to the desert. Dwarf warriors will drop the best equipment in the dungeon. If they're not available, zombie hordes drop really good stuff as well.
  • Also, if you have the Raising Hell expansion, there's a recipe for a magic helm in the Halfling domain's expansion level that doubles the amount of life force you collect. This makes farming life force for forging items a lot less painful (though still dull as hell).
  • Use an axe or mace for the chance to knockback/flip. Get the expansion to create the Harvest(?) Helmet to increase your minion gathering and look for the helmet that adds a few extra.
  • A high Regeneration of around 60+ is enough to help you recover from most attacks quickly enough without it being wasted on defending against weak enemy attacks.