Phantom Brave

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  • Anyone besides Marona needs to be summoned using an item, be it a rock, tree, weapon, etc. The type of item used affects their stats; a rock increases the unit's defense at the cost of speed.
  • Titles also affect stats. The (made up) title "awesome" might increase all stats by 10% or whatever, while the (real) title Failure decreases all stats by 80%. Most titles will increase some stats and decrease others in amounts under 10%, unless leveled up at a Dungeon Monk.
  • A DM will generate a random dungeon named by random characters. As you progress in the dungeon, all percentages will increase, making negatives less negative and positives more positive. However, every enemy in the dungeon uses that title, so they get all the relevant stat bonuses. Example, the dungeon "opaopa13" might increase Strength by 10%. As you go down, you eventually get it up to +30%. Now every enemy in that dungeon has +30%. You can use a "Titlist" to transfer titles among items, dungeons, and characters.
  • Everything on the map can be used as a weapon. Even characters.
  • Every item/weapon/character will augment the stats of whoever picks it up and grant their abilities to the person holding it/them.
  • You can use a fusionist to fuse abilities from items/weapons/characters to items/weapons/characters
  • Your phantoms can be confined to just about anything. Try to confine them to items that get protection bonuses. (You'll see arrows pointing toward the item that gives bonuses).
  • Sometime enemies are granted protection from items. Destroy the item the lines come from to weaken the enemies.
  • You can keep items on the ground by confining a phantom to it, when they expire by running out of turns they'll have a chance to take it back to your island. The chance to steal is listed when you confine. It's usually not worth disarming enemies to take their weapons.
  • Pile up as much stuff on Marona's roof as you can to get yourself a bottlemail. They're hard to get otherwise, and they have a high steal rate.
  • Marona's speed is very important. As it will determine how often she can act and bring people into battle.
  • The weapons your phantoms carry into battle count toward the number of people you can summon. It takes a lot of work to bring some one up to the point where they don't need weapons.
  • If your phantoms do get KO'd you can use the items they brought into battle to confine something else, for better stats than the scenery.
  • There are 7 types of abilities, and a different type of skill points for each ability type. Physical SP cannot be used to perform magic attacks.
  • SP is going to be the limiting factor in the usefulness of your characters. Raise your character's SP by using abilities of the type you're trying to raise. Each character's SP grows at a different rate depending on their proficiencies. Factor in attack type proficiencies and the stat an attack is based on when selecting weapons.
  • Unlike other NIS games there aren't really tiers for human classes. You can give characters a huge boost through title management.
  • You open new classes by defeating them in battle. Human classes only need to be defeated once, while some monsters need to be killed many times.