Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

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  • In the courtroom sections, every time you do something that doesn't result in you getting a smack from the judge, save. Most of the game is OK, but there are a couple of really non intuitive pieces of evidence/options, especially in places where you're three steps ahead of what the game is after, where you just have to use trial and error, so to speak. Dying three times in succession is much less painful if you have a save just before that option, plus when you DO make the right choice, if you've already lost 4/5 hit points you can just do a quick reset and get them back, then re-make the good choice.
  • When you're pressing, occasionally you need to press one line, and then press another in a certain order. But you don't have to do it immediately after one another, so when in doubt, press every line once, and then go through and press them all again to see if it triggers anything.
  • Otherwise, saving and reloading is pretty much your only option, unless you want to spoil the case for yourself, which you shouldn't because the last case of the second game is easily one of the two best cases in the series.
  • If you're not sure which line to press/present evidence for, it's the one which is the literal contradiction, as in, where you can catch someone on wording. Otherwise the game will trip you up many times with "but it clearly means something else!" - yes, but they didn't say it.