Pikmin 2

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  • There's no day limit, so play at any pace you like.
  • Use both commanders in a group when picking Pikmin to get it done faster.
  • When you examine a cave, you'll see what kind of hazards it contains, and thus what kinds of Pikmin you need.
  • Throw purples on top of creatures to stun them. This makes killing lots of creatures ridiculously easy.
  • For reasons unrelated to the last tip, make purples whenever you can and try not to let any die.
  • Purples are probably the most useful Pikmin, but not for the reasons the others are. The way I played was to have a squad of about 10 purples with me at all times and use them almost exclusively for combat. 10 purples crashing down on an enemy will usually wipe it out, and even if it doesn't, they'll be stunned long enough for you to pull them back and do it again.
  • Whites are less important than the other types but situationally they are very effective. Their most useful feature is that if they are eaten they will poison whichever predator did it. If you've got a decent supply they can be handy for weakening particularly dangerous enemies.
  • Unlike the other hazards, electricity will kill your Pikmin instantly, so be wary around electric barriers and the handful of creatures with electrical properties.
  • There are a couple of creatures that will regenerate their health after you kill them. Make sure to pull them into an onion/your ship before they fully recover, otherwise they will regain consciousness and you'll have to fight them again.