Psychonauts 2

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  • Wait until post-game to go back and clean up collectibles. The last ability you get in the game lets you get collectibles that are behind barriers with gaps in them and you get it so late that you can't even return to some areas until you finish the game first, so you'd have to wait until then anyway.
  • If you care about achievements, save your money first for the wallet upgrades and buy the pins that double money drops and give money from making mental connections when they're available. There's an achievement for filling the entire wallet which can take some time if you're spending a lot during the main game.
  • Get the Levitation jump upgrade and the Mental Connections Dark Thoughts upgrades ASAP as they're pretty important for getting around to snag collectables.
  • The Psi Blast upgrade that chains off secondary targets is also well worth getting early, as it makes cleaning up the tiny Censors and Regrets much more easier.