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  • Infection only kills you if damage reaches 100%, so if a wound heals before it gets to that point then you don't need antibiotics. You can also either use a merc profile that is immune to infection or mass produce infection-lowering items for free via the ship's crafting menu.
  • The "stock market" is not an actual market you can use, instead it is a scoreboard for corporation power. A corp's entry on the board will show you equipment with a percentage on each item; that is your chance of receiving that items if you do missions or trade with them.
  • Trade is done by barter, you give them what they say they need in the station's info panel to get points, and those points are assigned to give you items from the pool mentioned above.
  • Bodily damage works the same for everyone. If you put a burst into someone and they are bleeding in the inspection menu (right click on the unit) then you can just let them bleed to death.
  • Fire is your greatest friend and enemy. It doesn't damage items on the ground, and it can wipe out a room with a single shot. Just don't be in the room as well.
  • If you find a class/merc/item chip then you are allowed to extract early with it, otherwise you have to finish the mission.
  • Your movement stance greatly affects how many calories you are consuming per action.