Quest For Glory

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  • Money can be acquired by working at the castle, in the stable. Talk to the stablehand and he'll put you to work. 5 silvers a day. You can also pick mushrooms from the faerie ring (3 times) and sell them to the healer for 1 gold each. Finally, you can pick flowers from Erana's Peace (head north from the centaur tending his field north of the town, go one screen east and then north again) 3 times for 5 silvers each.
  • Erana's Peace provides you with a safe place to sleep and free food everyday. It will also fully restore your health/stamina and mana when you sleep there, as opposed to the inn (which costs money) or the stable (which requires you to work there that day before you can sleep there). Sleeping outside gets you killed, and sleeping in town (not in the Inn) gets you robbed.
  • If you have parry/dodge skills, you can spend a gold (10silver) to train with the weapon master in the castle. Use the arrow keys to fight (up = stab, down = parry, left/right = dodge left/right). This is a relatively safe way to improve your fighting skills without worrying about being killed by monsters.
  • Make sure you have climbing skills. When night falls, if you can't climb, you can't get into the castle (to sleep) or the town, (also to sleep/purchase potions from Zara's magic shop). There are a few ways to build your climbing skill; the easiest of which is to go to the back of alley in town and attempt to climb the wall till it says you've been at it for long enough; someone is sure to notice. Leave the alley and return.
  • When you make your character, you can give them whatever skills you want. I like making a fighter with magic skills, for instance.
  • If you're going to branch out into magic, remember that you can only practice and improve your magic skill as long as you have mana, and your mana is limited by your magic skill. So if you're going to multiclass, put as many points as possible into magic to minimize frustration.