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  • The single player campaign has a very long tutorial that eases you in extremely gently, so if you play single player, you'll pretty much get the picture. That said...
  • The key to the game is basically remembering you're playing Rock/Paper/Scissors where you always want the right unit to go up against the enemy. Don't send light tanks against heavy tanks, use anti-tank guns or ambush with infantry for example. If the enemy has planes, you need anti-air etc.
  • Because units recover health if they don't die, chipping away at the enemy is less effective than it is in other games, which reinforces the idea of using the right tool for the job and nailing the enemy dead.
  • Use ruses. Some aren't that useful, others are crucial. It's pretty obvious which are which, but basically if you've got cards spare you're either planning something or doing something wrong.
  • Otherwise I'd say the game's fairly approachable - I'm not much for RTS games and yet I played through without too much trouble and enjoyed it while it lasted.