Ratchet & Clank (2016)

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  • At the second to last planet you get an upgrade that marks all the collectables on your map, so you may want to wait until then to do any real collectable hunting. The only missable collectables are currency, which you will have plenty of later.
  • The combuster is a generally good gun, and still pretty solid into new game+. It is also the only gun you'll get with any real range to it for a while, so don't worry that you'll upgrade it heavily only for it to be outclassed later. The same mostly applies to the fusion grenade, but that's more because the good explosive weapons don't come until late game. So feel free to upgrade that at least until you get the mystery upgrades.
  • When you get the high jump upgrade, you need to use it shortly after to progress. The hitbox on the crates you need to jump on is messed up, so just try again.
  • Replenishing your health and ammo costs next to nothing, do it whenever you can.
  • Gold bolts unlock extras, some of them being cheats. If you enable the cheats, you don't gain XP. They can easily be turned on and off though, if you're in a problem area. The rest of the extras have no such impact. In fact the "action buster" filter is handy in some of the games darker areas.
  • If you ever feel stuck, look up to make sure you aren't missing some grappling hook orbs, and the pipes/bars you can climb. The game can get bad at showing them, and they sometimes only appear after killing everything in a room.
  • The rocket launcher gun isn't nearly the BFG the game implies. Go ahead and use it against the mid-difficulty mooks, plenty of ammo drops for it. That'll level it up, letting it hold even more ammo.
  • There is nothing you can do with duplicate holocards after you collect them all. Spend your duplicates freely while you can.
  • The Ryno, unlike previous games, is actually bar none the best gun in this game, by a mile. The last holocard to unlock it is in the room right before the final boss. If you don't get it on your first playthrough, you're not gonna get it until then in NG+ either.