Resident Evil: Code Veronica

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  • Late on disk two (if you're playing the Dreamcast version) you will have a chance to play as Claire again after playing as Chris for the last few hours. DO NO GIVE CLAIR ANY ITEMS!!!! Aside from maybe one health item or two Claire does not need anything. She will soon be locked away for the rest of the game along with any item you gave her. You will then have to finish the game as Chris with whatever you didn't take with Claire. This design feature can very well cripple you're ability to finish the game.
  • Don't pick up any green herbs that are in plain sight, it's better to just return to those areas and use them immediately.
  • The corridor on the east side of the mansion on the first floor (it's one of the first areas you can explore after once the game lets you loose) has several ammo clips hidden under furniture that you can push aside. Don't even bother using this corridor til later in the game since by then you'll need the ammo more.
  • There are item chests in the safe rooms, items you put there appear in any other item chest, but I find it better to just leave any items in plain site where they are until you actually want to use them.