Resident Evil 2

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  • You can get through the very first section of the game barely using any ammo and killing any zombies.
  • Small Keys are for locked desks which usually have First Aid Sprays in them. Leave them in storage boxes unless you know what you are going to unlock with one.
  • Check the bodies of people laying around for ammo and other things.
  • Ammo is pretty rare starting out, but after a while you'll have tons of the stuff.
  • Certain zombies can and should be left alone. If you are in a big area, just run around them. I usually always kill lickers though. Dogs are your discretion. They are usually idling about and you can safely run past them if you know where you are going.
  • If it's your first time playing the game then ditching the knife when you can is good idea. However in some spots where you can safely get something between you and the zombies, you can use it to kill them from a safe distance and thus save your ammo.