Resident Evil 4 (Remake)

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  • The gatcha game in the shooting gallery is on a fixed seed. If you reload your save then you are going to get the same thing if you put in the same combinations.
  • Attache case bonuses seem to spawn more items rather than replace them. The gold case will turn money drops into $1500 rather than (I suspect) $500 with a special icon that shows that it is doing it. For your first run the handgun ammo one will probably be the best, although you can get enough spare parts to make the gunpowder one viable later in the game.
  • Clothes, charms, and attache cases do not count as bonus weapons for unlocking the
    . So if you unlock the armor for Ashley and
    aim assist gas mask or (even better) infinite ammo cat ears for Leon
    before attempting that run you will have a much easier time.
  • Your combat knife can be repaired and upgraded in the Tune Up menu at the Merchant so don't be too afraid to use it. Perfect parried and stabs don't take that much durability off it anyways, especially not when compared to what it takes to get out of a grab.
  • If you want to maximize your money, you should max out your knife durability immediately. It'll save you money in the long run.
  • Selling a gun to the merchant refunds around 95% of the total price including the upgrades, so feel free to trade in a gun for a better one even if you upgraded it.
  • The blue medallion system is different now; instead it's various side quests to get spinels to trade for special items, with the treasure maps of being of particular importance. You can also get expensive tickets that allow for a free exclusive ability upgrade for a weapon once that is unlocked.
  • The Marionette statues that you need to destroy for an unlock make a faint grinding sound, and there is one in every chapter.
  • If you turn on closed caption subtitles they'll add ones for the marionettes (it will say "[Mechanical cadence]") if you're having trouble finding them.
  • The treasure map for the deluxe edition spawns more treasure rather than just pointing out what is already there. It adds up over time, but it isn't gamebreaking. The weapons are also average stat-wise compared to the standard weapons so don't worry about buying your way into a cheat weapon.
  • When Ashley is on her own for a bit there are three treasures she and only she can get during that sequence so make sure to mop them up before proceeding.
  • There are no longer combination treasures. Instead you can slot whatever gems into whatever slots treasures have, and if you do it in certain color combinations you get more out of it (there's a guide in the menu). If you are going for 100% completion then it's important to get everything, but otherwise no treasure is worth more than others and there's no "find all three gems for this one item to unlock its full value".
  • You can knife kill enemies from behind at any time, not just when they're unaware. There's an early-ish difficulty spike during a segment where you're fighting alongside a NPC and you can knife enemies that are distracted by them.
  • Holding back then pressing run will quickturn in place, holding run then pressing back will instantly run backwards without turning. The difference matters when you start getting explosives thrown at you. There's an option to make quickturn the crouch button instead of run, which is clumsier to use, but I liked it since I rarely try to use quickturn in combat and it stopped me doing it by accident.
  • If you're low on ammo, regular knife swings stunlock lone ganados pretty well and is surprisingly light on durability cost.
  • The select/back button will bring up the area map and shows any loose items you've passed near. Check it after you've searched an area but before moving on to the next.