Romance Of The Three Kingdoms XI

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  • Completing the tutorial will unlock more officers.
  • When you're recruiting, the quickest way is to send an officer to different provinces around your nation. Use the "search" option and this will reveal recruitable officers. The game is very good about tossing them around, especially early on, and they will move around the map after x amount of time.
  • Alternatively you can recruit officers by hiring them from another Liege. It's best to build a relationship with them first and then you should spread rumors in order to lower their loyalty - only do this when the officers are marching or not in the city. It's not an easy thing to do most of the time, though.
  • For your techniques, research +Command early on to get Veteran Troops. Only pick one troop mastery early on and only if you have a lot of those types of troops (+Spear/+Pikes/+Bows), don't spread it out. +Calvary is so-so and doesn't improve on your units as much as the others - it's not horrible but it's not a must have. +Defense is also good once you're further in the game (grants more base hp). +Engineering for Catapults, too.
  • Focus on Markets when you first start a game until you reach around 15-20k gold. You will want to just keep everything in check and make sure nothing drops steadily (like Order).
  • A rule of thumb is to balance your troop numbers more than anything when you're having some downtime. Keep them fed and buy food when necessary. The game is notorious for attacking bases with low populations at the worse possible times. Also stacking a lot of units near a neutral force could entice them into battle - be careful when you do this early on.
  • When you conquer a city always stock it as fast as you can unless you know it will be compromised.
  • Let the AI handle your inner districts while you focus on your borders. Use the District menu to do this.
  • Abuse Ceasefires when you need them and always have alliances.
  • Know what units are strong versus other units in combat. If you're being attacked flank them with the appropriate unit type. Also abuse forests when available for cover from archers.
  • More combat skills unlock once you beat the game. Chain->Raid->Exterminate is good overall. Confuse is also fantastic when you can use it.
  • In a Duel if you have a ton of War just use Attack, it will almost always win just by bashing on someone. Alternatively use Spirit if you're a lot weaker.
  • Debates are pretty random. Calm and Rage activate on their own if I'm remembering this right.