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  • Combat Runes are what unlock your character's abilities. The more of a certain rune you use, the stronger that ability of your character. However, "eating" a rune like this also increases the cooldown time on the ability, so eating 100 Fireball runes gives you a 10k damage blast with a 30 minute cooldown time.
  • Most equipment has sockets for various enhancements. Most useful for socketing are runes, as socketing a rune into a piece of equipment will give you the same benefits of "eating" it with none of the extra cooldown time. As long as you have that item equipped, that is.
  • You'll most likely picks up Combat Runes that your character can't actually use. Don't just sell them! The wizard NPCs in certain towns will trade Combat Runes with you; the more you trade at once, the better your choice of reward. Unusable runes also carry passive bonuses you can utilize through socketing.
  • These same Wizard NPCs also let you make Combo attacks, basically allowing you to string together a few of your combat abilities into one "hotkey". The abilities in a combo are fired off sequentially, so remember that for something like magic with a duration effect, the first effect has to finish before the second begins and so on (so if you make a combo that's Freeze Enemy -> Meteor ->, the Freeze Enemy effect will end before the Meteor effect begins.