Saints Row IV

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  • Don't spend early-game money on increasing your stamina bar! A very early set of missions unlocks infinite stamina. Even though gliding and the dash ability burn stamina nonetheless, landing fully replenishes your stamina bar so you can just take massive bunny hops across Steelport.
  • The good ending requires doing all the loyalty missions.
  • Pretty much all of the "optional sidequests" require either store hacking or completing challenges; you'll miss out on the radio requests if you've already completed them, but by and large they aren't that interesting.
  • Highly recommended that you not take the Tornado upgrade to your sprint. There's no toggle for it, so you end up throwing everything in your wake the rest of the game if you select it and it's very frustrating to sprint up to a hitman target only to send them flying halfway across the map, leading you to sprint to chase them down, to throw them again...