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  • Like with many other games from this time period, you're going to die a lot. Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes it's nonsensical, sometimes it comes right out of nowhere and scares you more than a screen-shift really should, but it's going to happen quite a lot. Don't take this as dismay; instead, interpret it as another form of amusement. How can you kill yourself with, say, a book? Or a bucket? Or a fountain? Only you can find out!
  • Like with most adventure games, there are portions where the answer is obvious but the game requires some forbidden byzantine logic process to get there. If you have an object and you should by all rights be able to use it but you can't, OPEN it. In fact, OPEN everything that looks openable: books, bottles, wallets, buckets, if you don't you'll probably regret it.
  • Pick up every goddamn torch you come across. You'll thank me.
  • Not everything has a use. You can clear out an impressive amount of stuff throughout these games, but some things exist only to fill out your inventory and add flavor. On one hand: if you're stuck, this can make going through your inventory and trying everything that much more annoying. On the other: there IS a logic to these things, so trying to bribe a ghost with a salami probably won't work (except if the ghost is italian/awesome).