Shadowrun: Dragonfall

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  • If you got this in a bundle with Shadowrun Returns, play that first. It's a very good introduction for the setting and mechanics.
  • The easiest types of characters for beginners are likely to be medium-ranged direct damage dealers, namely a pure Mage or a rifle-specialized Street Samurai. Note that mages now need some measure of Intelligence to cast the best spells.
  • Unlike in Returns you have a set crew, though you can still hire random nobodies just like before if you like. The crew covers all archetypes except for Mage and Physical Adept.
  • Biotech of 2 is recommended to be able to see enemy HP in combat, and at 3 it enables some Karma rewards in the early game that partially reimburse investment into the skill.
  • Among the best (most-used) Etiquettes are Corporate, Security and Gang. Academic is also frequent (without many rewards) and the remainder are fairly rarely used.
  • One of the biggest changes in the Director's Cut is that cover and armor have become much more integral to combat. Armor points are explicit and directly reduce damage dealt, so armor piercing attacks and spells are much more important. Medium and heavy cover effectively negate criticals and reduce damage taken, while light cover simply reduces damage taken. Being "out in the open" or "flanked" means minimum of 1.0x damage.
  • Melee strikes will "pop" targets out of cover for a round, as will certain special attacks.
  • Even for magic-using classes, there is a cyberware item that costs 0 Essence and doesn't affect your cooldowns so don't forget to keep checking with the clinic.